Academics – Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing is a critical stage in the process by which the professional and academic progress of theatre and speech/theatre education majors is monitored. In order for any BS- Theatre  Performance, BS-Theatre Tech/Design, BA-Theatre, or BSED-Speech/Theatre major to enroll in any  upper-level courses (courses numbered as 300 or above) in theatre (43- prefix), they must pass a  two-part (written and oral) Advanced Standing exam. Passing the Advanced Standing exam formally admits the student into the major, where they may enroll in upper- level coursework. (Note that
there are additional requirements of BSED students for formal admittance into the Teacher Education program. Check the University catalog pertaining to
those requirements.)

All of these are PDF documents (unless noted) which require Adobe Acrobat reader.  Some of these forms require you to save them to your computer, THEN fill them out (using Adobe Acrobat reader), BEFORE you print them out.  To save a file to your computer using Firefox or Chrome, right click on the file and select, “Save link as…”, in Internet Explorer, right click on the file and select, “Save Target as…”.   “Adobe Acrobat reader should be installed on your Northwest laptop, but can be downloaded from  HERE!

Advanced Standing Documents

Theatre Advanced Standing Packet

Application for Advanced Standing Examination

Theatre Major Required Reading List

Script Reflection Form

Text Reflection Form